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South Bay Winter Tennis League

Sign-up Deadline: Wed Nov 10th at 7:00 pm

Starts: Nov. 17th, 2014         Manhattan vs Redondo, our 18th Year!

Rules and Guidelines - must read first before signing up

Cost for one item is $94.00 per player, with a partner $168.00
Each Team takes 12 min., 2 Teams max.
Sign up with or without a partner.

Note: This form must be filled out prior to paying in order to be on Team Tennis.
You can fill this out on line and pay in secure online store or print, fill out and mail both form and payment (see below)

  • Matches played: Monday evening, 6:30 pm warm-up, 7:00 pm match times.
  • Where: Mira Costa on dates shown.
  • Format: Doubles only: 1 regular set with deuces, balance of match to be concluded with tiebreakers only; to reach that two out of three thing. Six – 6 – or more matches simultaneous.
  • Duration:  Six – 6 – weeks of League/Team play; rain-out make-ups will be played Wednesday evening of the fallowing week. Make-up matches as well as All League play at Mira Costa.
  • Individual Events Championships: for roistered players, who played in at least 3 matches; held the weekend of 1/10 Sat & 1/11 Sun 2015. 11 to 4 pm at Mira Costa.
    This is a Doubles only event. 
  • Cost: $94.00 per person. You do not need a partner to sign-up, Walt find you one.
  • Two Teams will play alternating matches: week one; Women’s and Men’s Doubles matches running concurrently. Followed by Mixed Doubles matches, the very next week.

Please Check (X) the preferred level of play for yourself and/or partner

Advanced/Beginner: 2.0 to 2.85 Men's Women's
Intermediate: 2.85 to 3.45 Men's Women's
Advanced: 3.5 or 4.5 Men's Women's
I will not play: Mixed Doubles Men's Women's

Please check (X) any match dates you or your partner CAN NOT MAKE
Monday Night Dates I cannot make:
11/17 11/24 12/1 12/8 12/15 01/5 01/10 & 11


I am signing up:
Man. Bch.

I will sub for other nights if needed
Partner 1:
Partner 2:
Phone: Work:
After you send this form, you MUST pay per one of the methods below ...

or if you prefer, Download Form Word Doc, fill out and mail both check and form.
payable to: Sportsinteractive; sign-up deadline: 11/10/14 7:00 pm

MAKE CHECKS payable to:
Mail check and form to
: Sportsinteractive, 1525 Aviation #314, Redondo Bch., CA 90278.

  • Partners must be of the same level, lower level, must play up to partners level.
  • Look to your ‘ Self Rating Guide For Tennis Classes ‘ page #41 for selecting your level of League Play. In the Man. Bch. Parks & Rec. guide book.
  • Rain out matches will be made –up; Wednesday evening of the same week.
  • Individual Events Championships: Here you will play against all member players, not just against opposing team, at your level.
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